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2.10.12 UK/AUS/NZ ebook of Lessons in French delayed


I’ve received a wave of tweets and email from readers in the UK and Oz, asking for an ebook version of Lessons in French.  Thank you!  It’s really nice to hear from my readers there, and I don’t blame you for being puzzled as to why it’s not yet available.  I won’t go into the gritty details of foreign print and digital rights, but suffice to say that Ereads will soon be issuing a special ebook edition which will be available in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.  I’m hoping it will be ready by early 2012. 

UPDATE: I’m frustrated to report that this edition is still on hold. In an Alice-in-Wonderland scenario, no matter how I push I can’t seem to move this mountain.  Any frustrated reader is welcome to email Ereads and let them know there is demand for this in ebook format outside the US!