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12.5.15 Seize the Fire and The Hidden Heart in Audio

As promised, we've released all of my books in audio, read by Nicholas Boulton

Find these recordings on, AudibleUK and iTunes. I’m sad that we’ve come to the end of recording my own books (so far) but I’m excited that there are going to be more romance audiobooks by Nick, especially selected by me! 

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12.1.14 A Visit to the Studio…(with video!)

Author Meets last

It’s been so much fun working on this audiobook project over the past 18 months with my narrator, Nicholas Boulton, and our wonderful producer Garrick Hagon of The Story Circle.  Finally, on the tenth book, I got to visit the studio myself while they were recording.  It was fascinating and amazing; I’m even more in awe of Nick’s talent and professionalism, and the skill of the production crew.  You can see a chat I had with Nick, and some of what the actual recording work is like in this video !

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8.12.14 Nick and Laura! Visit for my audiobooks

Listen to Nick and Laura!

You’ve heard of Nick and Norah…well, now you can listen to Nick and Laura. Find out all about my audiobooks, read by the incomparable Nicholas Boulton, at Hedgehog Inc I personally chose Nick to narrate my books, and it’s been phenomenal. Not only does he have the World’s Wickedest Sexy Voice, he has brought a true artist’s creativity and respect to my books. Every single audiobook is a unique work of art in itself—these are very very special recordings. Many listeners have said it’s like reading one of my novels again for the very first time—that’s an amazing compliment to Nick’s ability to bring my characters to vivid life.

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7.16.14 Say hello at RWA 2014 San Antonio

I'll be at RWA in San Antonio July 24 2014

Ever dreamed of hearing your romance novel read by a wonderful narrator in audio?  I did!  Find out all about the process at our workshop on audiobooks at RWA!

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7.16.14 Lessons in French Audiobook released

Hubert the bull takes the kitchen by storm

Nick Boulton’s narration of Lessons in French is available now! 

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2.23.14 THE AUDIES! Finalist!

The AUDIES--For My Lady's Heart is a Finalist for Best Audiobook in the Romance category

The Audies are to Audiobooks What the Oscars are to Movies

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2.13.14 Audiobooks

To find the latest on my audiobooks go to

All audiobook information, such as release dates and sample clips, plus other some fun audio stuff, can be found at

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6.11.13 MY SWEET FOLLY ebook now!

After 15 years, my favorite heroine is back

My favorite heroine, sweet Folly, is finally in ebook format!

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4.14.13 Facebook…AGAIN

It turns out I AM on Facebook, whether I like it or not!

Apparently Facebook will not be placated until there is a Laura Kinsale author page, so they made one.  It has 500+ followers and I don’t have access to it.  Lovely.  So I’ve created my own “Official” Laura Kinsale Author Page. I hope if you’ve been following the fake one, you’ll abandon it and come on over The Real Thing!

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3.12.13 I’ll be at the RT Booklovers Convention May 1-5, Kansas City!

Historical Panelist and Signing Books

Laura’s upcoming schedule includes the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention May 2-5, Kansas City MO—IMPORTANT verify times at convention, the times given by the RT schedule linked here maybe incorrect due to time zones.

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2.4.13 Want to hear a sexy man read my books?

Finally! My books will be available as audiobooks this year

This is a year-long project that I’ll be blogging about over at Audiogals.  Read about my experience choosing a narrator for my audiobooks at Audiogals

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1.7.13 The Renegade Muse Tumbles

I'm experimenting with tumblr

I’ve been trying to find some middle ground between twitter and a blog.  As we know, I can’t abide Facebook.  Tumblr seems pretty random and so do I.

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2.10.12 UK/AUS/NZ ebook of Lessons in French delayed


Delay in the UK, Australia and New Zealand ebook edition of Lessons in French.  I wish I had an explanation, but I don’t! :(

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7.5.11 For My Lady’s Heart & Shadowheart ebooks.  At last!

My "Medieval Hearts" are available again at last

For My Lady’s Heart and Shadowheart, two of my own favorites, have been long out-of-print.  Now they’re available again as ebooks, with a special twist, and Print-On-Demand trade paperbacks

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4.2.11 Ebooks!

Uncertain Magic, The Hidden Heart, Midsummer Moon, Seize the Fire and The Prince of Midnight

Uncertain Magic is available for the first time as an ebook.  Go to the book page to see the new ebook cover and find Kindle and Nookbook links.

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11.18.10 LESSONS IN FRENCH Chosen by Library Journal as a Best Book 2010`

Lessons in French has been chosen as a Library Journal Best Book of 2010 in the romance genre!

The list was announced in today’s Library Journal “Book Smack” newsletter.

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11.2.10 RT Reviewer’s Choice Nomination for LESSONS IN FRENCH!

Lessons in French Nominated for a Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award

LESSONS IN FRENCH is among several Sourcebooks romances nominated by Romantic Times for the Reviewer’s Choice Awards.  The category is Best Regency-set Historical.

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4.27.10 New re-issue of UNCERTAIN MAGIC

I wrote a paranormal before paranormal was cool...

Back in 1987, long before Harry Potter, vampires, werewolves and magic took over genre fiction, I wrote a novel about a heroine who could hear the thoughts of every living thing around her.  She felt cursed by this burden, and leapt at the chance to marry the Devil Earl and escape it.

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1.29.10 Winners of Illustration and Autographed Copies

Find out who won the Grand Prize

Find out who wont he Grand Prize and 4 Autographed copies of LESSONS IN FRENCH

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1.1.10 Read about Laura’s NEW novel, Lessons in French

Laura Kinsale's newest historical romance is a January 25, 2010 release

The wait is finally over! Sourcebooks Casablanca is incredibly excited to present Lessons in French, a delightfully funny and sexy historical romance from New York Times Bestselling author Laura Kinsale, in stores February 2010! Read what people are already saying and find the answers to some questions about Laura’s new book:

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12.31.09 How to sign up for my newsletter

It's easier than you think!

Type your email right into the Signup box in the footer of any page and click the arrow.  (If you click the arrow while the box is empty, you’ll get an error message.)

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Laura’s Schedule

Appearances in Person

Workshop: Hearing Voices: Why Audiobooks Are Suddenly Chic

Date: Thursday, July 24, 2014
Time: 9:45 AM - 11:45 AM

Romance Writers of America®
34th Annual Conference

San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter
& Marriott Riverwalk
San Antonio, TX
July 23–26, 2014

This workshop will be recorded.  We have a wonderful set of panelists to talk all about how to go about having your novels made into audiobooks.

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