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7.5.11 For My Lady’s Heart & Shadowheart ebooks.  At last!

My "Medieval Hearts" are available again at last

When I sat down to polish up the original versions of For My Lady’s Heart and Shadowheart to prepare them for ebook publication, I decided to do something unusual.  These were long and very richly written books in their original versions.  Many readers love that style (including of course the notorious Middle English words in For My Lady’s Heart) and other readers prefer something tighter and more straightforward.  I’ve always been a little sad to think some readers may have given up on these books in the early chapters, and missed the stories of the characters, which are some of my favorites of all I’ve written.  I considered heavily revising and shortening the books for the ebook versions, but I didn’t want to drop the original versions either.  A dilemma!

One nice thing about ebooks is the flexibility inherent in the format.  So I decided to take advantage of that, and solve my dilemma by doing it both ways at once.

Now, for the first time, readers can choose between two versions of each story. Both are included in the ebooks. The first is the original published novel filled with deep period detail (including, in the case of For My Lady’s Heart, some Middle English language and grammar). The second, included only in the ebook version, presents a condensed version, for readers who prefer a tighter read and more modern words for dialogue.