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2.23.14 THE AUDIES! Finalist!

The AUDIES--For My Lady's Heart is a Finalist for Best Audiobook in the Romance category

So I’m beyond thrilled that Nicholas Boulton’s narration of For My Lady’s Heart is a finalist for Best Audiobook in the Romance category. This is heady stuff for an audiobook newbie like me, with a big award gala in New York. When I began this project, I told potential producers that I wanted to create “award-winning” audiobooks. I said this partly so that I’d be taken seriously, but mainly because it really was my dream to be an Audie finalist.

I’m so pleased and excited that For My Lady’s Heart was chosen, because it’s my personal favorite so far. When I first heard Nick read the dragon poem, I actually got a bit teary. I thought, “This is the reason I wrote those words so many years ago; just so that I could hear them now, read in Ruck’s own voice.” It is an amazing performance and the most extraordinary moment for me among many amazing experiences in the course of this project.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to Nick’s gorgeous rendering of Ruck and Melanthe and Allegretto, For My Lady’s Heart is available in audio on iTunes, Amazon and Audible, along with many other of my books.

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More audiobooks to come in 2014!

We’ll record LESSONS IN FRENCH in May (assuming England hasn’t washed away before then!)  After that, SEIZE THE FIRE.  So those two will be out sometime in summer 2014, with an all-new cover look.

If you’d like to hear Uncertain Magic and The Hidden Heart as audiobooks, please drop me an email because I’m still deciding whether to record those and I’d love to know if listeners would like to hear Nick read them.