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4.14.13 Facebook…AGAIN

It turns out I AM on Facebook, whether I like it or not!

Apparently Facebook will not be placated until there is a Laura Kinsale author page, so they made one.  It has 500+ followers and I don’t have access to it.  Lovely.  So I’ve created my own “Official” Laura Kinsale Author Page. I hope if you’ve been following the fake one, you’ll abandon it and come on over The Real Thing!

I don’t make any bones about my heart-deep hatred of Facebook.  I think it’s intrusive, incredibly confusing (and I’ve been on the web since the early ‘90s’, I’m no n00b) and really just…grrr.  And this sort of thing, where I come across a page that I have nothing to do with, listed as an official author page for me, and no way to contact anyone to get control of it, no support to email, just this vast wall of…well, grrr again.  And if I ever do get FB to respond, I will guarantee I have to give them a DNA sample to “prove” who I am.  I went through this with my personal FB page, which was also created by originally by someone else, including a fake phone number! 

So, I AM on Facebook.  I will try to keep it updated, but for the most accurate news, always check this website.  And if you want to “hear it first,” sign up for my newsletters.  I don’t send them often, but I promise you this—I’ll always make any serious announcements first by newsletter. (And who knows, there might be a goodie or two in there sometimes.)